Licensing & Installation

  • Hardware & Software Requirements

    Windows XP (SP3 required), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Operating System
    Minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768. Recommended at least 1280 x 1024
    Minimum P4 Processor or higher
    At least 2GB RAM. Recommended 8GB
    Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (pre-installed on most PC’s or can be downloaded below)

     Download the Microsoft .NET Framework

  • Is there a BTAnalytics trial version available?

    Yes! you can try BTAnalytics for a month with all the functionalities enabled.

    After this evaluation period, if you have not purchased the Professional edition, BTAnalytics will work as the Lite edition, with reduced (but very useful) functionality.

    To try BTAnalytics now, simply download it and when prompted ask to receive an evaluation code. (you will have to register in this website to be allowed to download BTAnalytics).


  • Is there a money back guarantee?

    We do not provide refunds on orders and all sales are final due to the fact that we offer a free trial period that can be activated when BTAnalytics is installed. Don't miss the opportunity to check if the Professional Edition of BTAnalytics meet your needs.

  • What are the available editions of BTAnalytics?

    BTAnalytics has two different editions:

    • BTAnalytics Lite Edition (FREE)
    • BTAnalytics Professional Edition, with the full functionality activated.


    Please, check the Purchase page to see a features comparison between the different versions.

  • What happens if my license expires?

    When you purchase BTAnalytics you agree to renew your software subscription automatically in a regular basis.

    When your BTAnalytics Professional license expires because the automatic renewal has not been performed, BTAnalytics will continue to work in the Lite mode with limited functionality.

    In order to renew the license when it has already expired, please, contact our sales team at:

  • Single-User Or Multi-User License

    You can purchase a single-user (1 seat) or a multi-user (multiple seats) license of BTAnalytics Professional.

    A multi-user license has several associated seats. It allows multiple computers to be activated with the same activation code. At any time you can deactivate any seat on one computer and activate it on another.

    For single-user licenses (1 seat), a user is allowed to re-install the software on the same computer or on a different computer up to 3 times within a month. If this number is exceeded, then the Re-activation Lockout will be triggered. The Re-activation lockout will bar any new re-activations for a month (the cooling period) following the lockout. Once the lockout cooling period is finished, the counters are reset, and new re-activations are again allowed.

    For multi-user license codes, the Re-activation Lockout settings are not used. Unlimited re-activations are allowed on the same computer. Re-activations on other computers is subject to the maximum seat setting of the License Code.

General Questions

  • Can a data folder be used by several concurrent BTAnalytics instances?

    No. Each Data Folder can be used only by one instance of BTAnalytics concurrently.

3rd Party Software Integration

Extending BTAnalytics through Plugins

  • Types of plugins supported by BTAnalytics

    BTAnalytics can be extended by implementing several types of plugins:

    • Position Sizers. Used to implement different Position Sizing methods to be used in the Simulations and Monte Carlo Analysis.
    • Data Analysis Visualizers (DAVs). Used to visualize data in the studies.
    • Raw Simulation Derivators. Used to create derived Raw Simulations changing some aspect of the base Raw Simulation.


    Please, check the Extending BTAnalytics Through Plugins Documentation to learn more about how to implement BTAnalytics plugins.

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