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BTAnalytics - The Perfect Solution for Trading System Storage and Organization, Backtesting Analysis & Strategy Improvement

If you want to trade in the real world, you need to know and improve your strategies as much as possible.

BTAnalytics is a powerful tool for traders designed to be used together with almost all of the existing third-party trading applications as the ultimate solution for Trading Systems data storage, organization, analysis, and improvement.

BTAnalytics helps traders build profitable Trading Strategies by enabling them to store, analyze and improve backtest results, guiding in the selection of optimal combined strategies and strategies portfolios that trade stocks, indexes, futures, FOREX, ETFs, and CFDs.

With BTAnalytics you can deeply explore your strategies and their results using advanced tools with enlightening charts and statistics. This information could be the difference between success and failure in your trading endeavors.

...And BTAnalytics is extensible to allow you to design your own tools and use your favorite data statistical analysis, visualizations and money management strategies.

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Supported Platforms

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 ...And BTAnalytics supports almost any other Trading Platform.

BTAnalytics Overview Video

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BTAnalytics integrates with Third Party Trading Platforms:

Importing Data Into BTAnalytics



BTAnalytics Main Features




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Features At A Glance...

  • 01.- True Multi-Currency, Multi-Strategy, Multi-Instrument Type, Multi-Time Frame Portfolio Simulations

    Unparalleled backtesting flexibility!

    Learn More about Position Sizing using the Simulation StudyWith BTAnalytics you can backtest, make Simulations or Monte Carlo Simulations that include at the same time a lot of instruments of different types, whose base currencies may be different, whose trades belong to several strategies that use different position sizing methods simulated at different time frames, etc.



  • 02.- Flexible and Powerful Data Importing Capabilities

    Import DataYou can import into BTAnalytics executed trades lists, backtests, trading system information and configuration, position sizing parameters, etc. This process can be easily automated for almost all of the third party software, such that all your generated trades lists or trading systems simulation results are automatically imported into BTAnalytics without the push of a button.

  • 03.- Visually Organize your Trading Systems Simulations and Live Results

    Studies Explorer TreeThe software uses a visual hierarchical data tree organization, where each of your simulations or executed trades lists is a node. In this way, subsequent manipulations can be performed on these data, such as filtering trades, changing slippage settings, perform further simulations, etc.


  • 04.- Support for all the Paradigms of Trading Systems

    Whatever your Trading System architecture, BTAnalytics can deal with it.

    • Event-based or bar loop based.
    • Mixed signal generation and position sizing or separated signal generation and position sizing.
  • 05.- Unprecedented Trading Data Analysis Capabilities

    Backtest Raw Trades Analysis in a Raw Simulation StudyBTAnalytics stores both the raw trades lists (generated by the signal generation stage of a trading system) and the sized positions (generated by the position sizing stage), along with a huge amount of generated enlighting analysis information that includes a lot of performance statistics and charts.

    Using the BTAnalytics analysis capabilities you will clearly see the flaws and opportunities to improve your trading strategies.


  • 06.- Ultra-fast Generation of Derived and Improved Trading Systems

    Creating a derived simulation by filtering the trades using an indicatorFiltering of trades. The trades lists can be filtered arbitrarily, for example, to check what would have happened if the system worked only on certain days or hours, remove erroneous trades, outliers, etc. In this way, derived strategies can be easily tested.

    Changing slippage settings. Derived simulations can be generated for various slippage levels to analyze the slippage impact in the simulation performance.

    Applying variable filters. BTAnalytics allows to visually optimize your trading strategies by applying filters to the trades. For example, you can add a filter to your strategies that remove those whose RSI (20) at the time of entry is above 40 or any other filters.

  • 07.- Combining Strategies to Build Composite Simulations

    Combined Trading Strategy being builtMultiple Strategies can be combined in order to generate Composite Simulations that can be simulated to analyze the combined performance.

    This tool allows the creation of trees of strategies of different types, time frames, instruments, etc that can have different money allocation and position sizing methods.



  • 08.- Insightful Monte Carlo Analysis

    Analyzing a Monte Carlo Study to learn more about a Trading SystemBTAnalytics can also perform Monte Carlo Analysis of trading systems using different position sizing methods.

    With Monte Carlo Analysis you can estimate more realistically the chances of your strategies of achieving a given profitability level or for example the amount of drawdown that should be expected for a strategy.

    With BTAnalytics you can make Monte Carlo Analysis even on composite strategies.

  • 09.- Feature Rich User Interface

    • Dockable forms architecture supporting multiple monitors configurations.
    • Very responsive and interactive charts and plots.
    • Grids that allows to filter and group the shown data, select the shown columns, fix columns, export data in almost every existing format, etc.
    • Forms whose internal controls can be rearranged to fit the unique needs of different users.
  • 10.- Extensible Architecture

    Plugins of different types can be created in order to extend BTAnalytics functionalities:

    • Position Sizing plugins used to develop and test different trade sizing strategies.
    • Data Analysis Visualizers (DAVs), used to show different statistics, charts, and analysis of the data.
    • Studies: Analysis tools that create study nodes in the data tree.
    • Derivation Builders, to change the strategies in different ways and create derived strategies.
    • Monte Carlo Methods, to test different Monte Carlo trades shuffling and selection methods.
    • Data Loaders and Data Feeders: Plugins used to import trading data from a given format used by some 3rd party trading application.
  • 11.- High Performance

    BTAnalytics has a very powerful, blazing fast, backtesting engine that can efficiently backtest and make Montecarlo analysis of trading strategies. The platform supports both 32-bit and 64-bit multicore architectures, enabling it to utilize all of your machine's processors and memory.

  • 12.- Manage Large data sets

    BTAnalytics supports Portfolio backtesting with an unlimited number of instruments and trades, with the sole limitation of workstation hardware resources.

  • 13.- Reporting and Printing

    Creating a Monte Carlo Backtest reportAll the analysis data generated can be shown in reports and printed.





  • 14.- Exporting Capabilities

    The data in the visualization tools, charts, plots, and grids can be exported in a lot of different formats.

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Risk Disclosure:

Futures and other instruments trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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