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Make Trading Data Analysis easy, efficient and fun with BTAnalytics!

BTAnalytics is an impressive tool for hedge funds, brokers and traders in general. The platform is designed to be used in conjunction with all the existing third party trading software as the ultimate solution for:

Trading Data storing and organization.
Trading Strategies design and improvement.
Trading Systems simulation and optimization.
Trading Results Analysis.
Selection of optimal Combined Strategies.


BTAnalytics is built to be used with Trading Data (both real and generated through backtests) for stocks, indexes, futures, FOREX, ETFs and CFDs.

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This help is designed both as a course in using BTAnalytics and as an ongoing reference while you are working with the program.

Getting started – new users

Download the Sample Data from our website:

weblink http://http://www.btanalytics.com/downloads-h/main-files

Take a look to the Introduction and Quick Start Tour sections to familiarize yourself with the basics of the program.
Check out all the links in the BTAnalytics Help tab plenty of help is available!